Administrative Wing

The Secretary is the administrative head of the TMC and implements the Council decisions based on the resolutions adopted by the council. He reports compliance to the Council and exercise powers and discharge duties conferred under the Kerala Municipalities Act. The Secretary implements all the decisions/ directions of the Mayor, ensures safe custody of the Municipal Fund and attends to all litigations for or against the TMC. (Refer Flow Chat figure 16.1 for organization set-up) The following Seven Departments manage the functions of the Municipal Corporation
a) General Administration Department The General Administration Department (GAD) manages staff postings and transfers, defines staff duties and responsibilities, prepare administration reports and ensures proper communication between the departments and the Corporation Council. The PA to Secretary heads the GAD.
b) Accounts Department The Accounts Department (AD), a Key department of the TMC, manages TMC finances and monitors the use of allocated funds for different schemes. It plays a major role in the formulation of the budget. The Accounts Officer is responsible for supervising all the financial transactions related to the TMC, advising the Secretary on all internal financial matters, maintaining records of financial receipts and expenditure, internal audit of all bills for payment, audit clearances, preparation of annual financial statements and the Demand Collection and Balance Statement (DBC).
c) Engineering Department A Superintending Engineer heads Engineering Department and is assisted by three Executive Engineers, four Assistant Executive Engineers, and fortyone  Assistant Engineers. The major duties and responsibilities of the Engineering Department include construction and maintenance of roads, drain, other public works, overseeing construction of major projects like shopping complexes, bus terminals, etc., enforcing Master Plan regulations, awarding building permission and facilitating land acquisitions for major schemes.
d) Revenue Department The Revenue Department (RD) is another key department of the Municipal Corporation, Consisting of a Revenue Officer (RO), nine Revenue Inspectors and 43 Bill Collectors. The Revenue Officer is responsible for collecting taxes such as, property tax, advertisement tax and entertainment tax; issuing notices for recovery of tax; and monitoring revenue collections of the Municipal Corporation.
e) Health Department A Corporation Health Officer (CHO) heads the Municipal Corporation’s Health Department (HD). The Health Department is responsible for conservancy service, sanitation facilities, solid waste management and other public health duties. The CHO is assisted by an Assistant Health Officer, 19 Health Inspectors and 45 Junior Health Inspectors (JHI).
f) Council Department A council Secretary/PA to Secretary heads the Council Department (CD), which manages records relating to Council meetings and records all resolutions undertaken by the Council.