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June 8th

Water Authority

ജലവിതരണ ചരിത്രം

Gas Agencies

Phone Numbers‍ 

Bharath Petrolium
B P Agencies 0471- 2475230
Venus, Ambalam Jn.‍

0471- 2435510

Health Directorate

ഹെല്‍ത്ത് ഡയറക്ടറേറ്റ്


തിരുവനന്തപുരം നഗരത്തിന്റെ വളര്‍ച്ചയിലെ നാഴികക്കല്ലുകള്‍


City History

The present Thiruvananthapuram district was part of the erstwhile Travancore State. According to historical records, the State of Travancore was divided into three administrative units during the reign of Maharaja Rama Varma (a.d.1758-1798) – Vadakkemukkom, Patinjaremukhom and Tekkemukkom. Tekkemukhom roughly corresponds to the present district of Thiruvananthapuram, also one of the most preferred holiday destination in Kerala.

Freedom Struggle

The Independence movement at the National level had a direct bearing on Kerala's political landscape too. The Salt Satyagraha found its echo here. The Vaikom  Satyagraha for permitting lower castes entry into the temple gained the recognition as a direct challenge to the existing political and hierarchical supremacy of the rulers and by extension the British rule.The Thiruvithamkur State Congress was founded by Pattom Thanu Pillai to fight against the high handedness of the last Dewan of Thiruvithamcore, Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyar.

Foreign Domination