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September 17th

Job Vacancies on temporary basis for one year


PROJECT NO- S0830/21, Appointing MBBS Doctors for  12 PHC, 2 CH, 2 THQ of Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation (TMC) TO EXTEND THE OUT PATIENT DEPARTMENT for 1PM TO 6PM.

July 25th

July 2nd

Election Cell of TMC

Election Cell of TMC

June 18th

June 8th



April 24th

March 31st

Covid-19 Updates and For Entry Pass clearance from TMC

Community kitchen - list of registered people - ward wise


 Covid-19 Help line



 Call Centre Numbers for Pass clearance status

(Pass issued by Thaluk Office/District Authorities)

February 12th

January 24th

LSG Election 2020