The main function of the Engineering Section are maintaining and formation of corporation roads, drains, buildings.  All Govt. schools (including Higher Secondary) and all Govt.hospitals (up to District hospitals) are maintained by the corporation. Maintenance and new building construction of Anganavadis, Public health centre and maintenance of ponds are also looked after by the Engineering section.  Even though Street lighting is carried out through KSEB, supply of spare parts for the same is done by corporation.  Duties of engineering section also include up keeping of corporation vehicles, and granding permission for corporation road cutting for laying water supply lines, telecommunication lines etc.

The Engineering section is headed by corporation Engineer (Supt Engg. grade with unlimited TS powers).  There is one project Engineer (Exe. Engineer grade), 3 Asst. Exe. Engineers and 6 Assistant Engineers working in this section.  33 Oversears are also working under this section including project section.