Ente Nagaram Sundara Nagaram





Thiruvananthapuram, the State Capital is the biggest Municipal Corporation in this state comprising 100 Municipal wards, launched a mass programme called” Ente Nagaram Sundara Nagaram” in local vernacular and “My City Beautiful City” in English. The concept of this campaign was to create an awareness on effective management of waste and also to implement various measures to make our city clean and far away from the accumulation of waste in and around the Corporation.


For this,  Municipal Corporation laid down six parameters in achieving this goal.  It envisages 60% of Households with waste treatment facility and  80% of households to have a tie up with  trained service team  for waste treatment, who either help households for treatment of waste in their own treatment system or collect garbage and carry it to a common treatment plant. Plastic and E-waste are to be collected from all houses and institutions for further treatment.  This also includes the  installation of  adequate number of waste disposal systems like  Community Bio Gas plants, Aerobic Bin etc.  A common treatment facility will be installed in each ward so that waste dumping at many places will be eliminated. Public institutions  are also requested to participate in this campaign effectively and fruitfully in this regard.


Those Wards which are implementing these guidelines and achieving the expected level of outcome in Waste Management would be awarded/declared  as Suchithwa ward (Clean Ward). This will be evaluated and adjudged by an independent technical team of Corporation after their field   level inspection in each ward with the respective Ward Councilors.

Indeed it is  happy to note that many wards are intensively putting their best efforts in achieving the title of “Suchitwa Ward.” The wards which implement these guidelines as per the parameters before 24th December,  will be declared “Suchithwa Ward” in the colourful ceremony to be held on the eve of New Year at this function to  be held at “Palayam Rakhthasakshi Mandapam” at 0430 PM.


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Adv. K. Chandrika




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