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Title Type Posted date Attachement(if any)
Details Fine imposed by TMC on waste littering News 16 Oct 2019 Fine imposed on Waste littering
Professional Tax - Online faility launched News 27 Sep 2019
Using and Printing Flex Banned - Orders issued News 06 Sep 2019 Click to view or download orders
Application for training to differently abled living at TMC area News 09 Aug 2019 Click here to Download Application
Minutes of the Town Planning Adalath conducted on 17.07.2019 by Hon. Minister News 02 Aug 2019
നെല്‍വയല്‍ തണ്ണീര്‍ത്തട ഡാറ്റ ബാങ്ക് -തിരുവനന്തപുരം നഗരസഭ (LLMC) News 03 Jul 2019 Ulloor Data Bank, Kazhakkuttam Data Bank, Kawadiyar Data Bank, Pattom Data Bank, Vizhinjam Data Bank, Green Strip - Order published - in case of any clarification please contact TMC Engineering section, Thiruvallom data bank, Kadakampally Data bank, Kudappanakunnu Data Bank, Nemom Village list for LLMC, Vattiyoorcavu Village list for LLMC
IBPMS - Building Permit Application - Statistics News 28 Mar 2019 Successful Licensees Details in descending order of rate of resubmission, IBPMS statistics up to 03/07/2019, IBPMS statistics as on 30/09/2019, IBPMS statistics as on 16/10/2019
Fire and Safety notification News 22 Mar 2019 Notice
by-law of internship apprentice trainee at TMC News 06 Mar 2019 by-law of internship apprentice trainee at TMC
Advertisement Fee Details News 21 Feb 2019 Advertisement tariff Details