Santhi Kavadam

Thycaud Electric Crematorium      

The total land area spans 250 cents and the built in area comes to 5000m2. The main crematorium building named the Santhi Kavadam encompasses two electric furnaces and a reserve place for putting up another furnace.   The cremation is done in two electric furnaces  installed by Essco Furnaces Pvt. Ltd, incorporating the best technique of total combustion carried out in the primary and secondary combustion chamber. It takes about maximum two hours for the cremation of the body  The ashes are collected in urns. The ashes in the urns are handed over to the relatives. There is an electric panel room and a separate powerful transformer exclusively for the purpose of cremation.There is a walkway floored with granite stones with green carpet on both sides. The spot is called the Smrithi Mandapam. There is another enclosure to accommodate more people in the Smrithi Mandapam. There is an LCD TV in conjunction with a computer. A parking area paved with cobbled stones is provided for the vehicles, adjacent to the Smrithi Mandapam There is a conventional crematorium working side by side with the electric crematorium . electric crematorium projected  completed on 25th August 2007. Details regarding the operational schedule and the fees are all as given below.

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Fees electric crematorium
Rs. 1500/- for cremation
Rs. 100/- cleaning etc.
Total Rs1600/-

Rs. 750/- (for cremation)
Rs. 100/- (for cleaning)
Total Rs.850/-

Smrithi Mandapam

Fee for using the Smrithi Mandapam for prayer and using L.C.D T.V FACILITIES Rs. /- function

Mobile Mortury Van Rs /-per day (24Hrs) + Rs  /- Per each hours after the 24 hours.

Phone Numbers

    * Santi Kavadam, Electric Crimetorium - 2323574, 2339977
    * Ambulance Service -2336014

 Photographs of Electric Crematorium